Stretching offers a plethora of health benefits, reaching far beyond improved posture and flexibility. Regular stretching has proven to decrease joint pain, lower stress, improve sleep, increase energy, detoxify the body, and even increase nutrient supply in the muscles by increasing blood supply. 


Whether your day is spent hauling weights, kids, or paperwork, Stretch is right for you.  Assisted stretching can benefit people of any age, lifestyle, and body type. 


Do you have a problem area?  Tell your therapist when you arrive for your appointment and they will work with you to fix the issue.  

After decades of yoga practice and instruction, Sumits Stretch founder, Sumit Banerjee, developed the Stretch Method for all kinds of bodies.  This method integrates the western approach of myofascia Therapy, acupressure, and Thai stretch. 

Sumits Stretch is redefining the classic stretch.  Combining traditional techniques with thorough body assessment, clients will experience a stretch like no other.  Each day the client lays on the table, they will feel a little different.  Thats why no two stretch sessions are the same.  Our expert therapist will evaluate the client, and customize a routine to meet their individual needs.   

All Therapists have bodywork expertise and are certified in our proprietary Sumits Stretch Method. 

For your first appointment, you will be asked to fill out a client waiver and assesment paperwork, therefore we request you arrive 10 minutes before your schedule appointment.

We ask that our patients wear loose, comfortable clothing.  

This depends on the reason for your session.  If you’re looking to improve chronic pain or recover from an injury, we recommend you begin with 2-3 times per week.  After a few visits, you can work with your therapist to adjust accordingly to insure you are receiving the results you’re looking for.